User-Focused Testing

In the world of software development, it’s easy to get carried away and focus on the technology and tools. For testers this is often in the form of test automation, which in recent years has become increasingly expected of those in the profession.

The problem with this is that it becomes easy to lose focus on the most important part of software, its users.

The user is, without question, the most important person in the development lifecycle.

It doesn’t matter how reliable your test automation is, it doesn’t matter how feature-rich your software is, it even doesn’t matter if the customer thinks you’ve done a good job, if the end-user doesn’t like, or struggles to use your software, then you’ve done a bad job.

What We Cover

As part of our training, we cover the following areas:

  • Exploratory Functional Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Accessibility Testing

  • Compatibility Testing (Browser & Device)

  • Useful Tools & Techniques

Every training session is bespoke, so if there are certain areas that need more or less focus, we will make sure to accommodate.

On-Site or Remote

We are happy to deliver our training either on-site or remotely. We believe that with the technology we have nowadays we can deliver the same value through remote training sessions, but we also appreciate that some people still prefer an in-person approach to training.

We offer a discounted price for remote bookings.