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Functional testing

No website is perfect, and you need it to be able to hold up to whatever your users throw at it.

Compatibility Testing

The number of different devices and browsers is growing every day,  your site should be keeping up.

Accessibility Testing

It has never been more important for your software to be accessible to all of your users.

Usability testing

It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if your website is confusing or difficult to navigate.

About Us

Test42 is a family-run test consultancy based in the UK that understands that the difference between good software and great software is in the detail. Focusing on functionality, compatibility, accessibility and usability, we will work with you to make sure your users have a top quality experience.

We have extensive experience in web and mobile testing, spanning more than a decade across multiple industries including healthcare, fintech, education and cyber security.

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Meet the Team

Jon McGreevy

Test Specialist


Jessie McGreevy

Test Specialist

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Director of Morale

Our Values

Software should be a pleasure to use

The web should be accessible & inclusive

Feedback should be concise & frequent

Issues are raised, and triumphs are celebrated

The users are the most important stakeholders

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